Writing the Alphabet

26 words using the alphabet in sequence.

An Exorcist Writing the Alphabet

A father and son having a lovely chat during an exorcism.

Ancient Jedi Writes the Alphabet

This is turning out to be my life's work.

Bad Writing the Alphabet (IP)

A boy careened down Eternal Falls getting huge injuries just kicking loons most nasty onto Parisians quietly rioting since the unconventional Venezuelean went xenophobic yodeling zanily.

Burping a Frenchnman Writing the Alphabet

I don't know much about French cuisine.

I'm on a Cow Kick Writing the Alphabet

Gonna milk it till the cows come home.

Oldpesky Writing the Alphabet

Correction: I originally wrote this with Zwitzerland as the ending. I ran it through spell check, changed it to the correct spelling of Switzerland and still didn't realize my mistake.

Out to Sea Writing the Alphabet

Mother Nature is a cruel parent

Seen at the Zoo Writing the Alphabet

At least I think they were dragons.

The Dickens You Say Writing the Alphabet

A reply to a previous correspondence.

Writing the Alphabet Revisited

I had to redo this. My wife didn't like it. I do as I'm told. Writing the alphabet is becoming one of my favorite past times. It's a great way to bring the muse on. Works for me anyway.

Writing the Alphabet Has Taken Over My Life - Help!

These things are like potato chips. I can't stop feeding off them! Help!

Writing the Alphabet Redux

Adam bought creamy donuts "Eight, freshly glazed!" Heather ingested juicy knockwurst "Love meaty nutrients!" Olivia poached quality-raised salmon "...