York ABCtales evening?

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York ABCtales evening?

Many of you have muttered darkly in the past that the ABCtales evening are always held in London. The reason for that is London is where we have the most members and all roads lead there.

However we do have the prospect of an evening in York - so I need to know how many of you would be able to either read or attend if we went ahead.

Do let me know - either by posting below or by emailing me at tcook@abctales.com

Hey Tony - that would be absolutely perfect for me! I haven't been able to attend an ABC evening yet, mainly because of the distance I'd need to travel, but I'd definitely be able to make it to York and I'd love to meet you all :-) Magic xxx


I'd definitely be interested. I'm in Harrogate most of the week so just a short elderly train ride away.
I think it is Scratch who is actually from York so I suspect it would suit him too!


As you know I would love to get a Glasgow or Loch Lomond event organised but I'd be the only one there. I could maybe attend York if given plenty of notice to organise time off work and book a hotel. The only issue I have with York is the fear of being struck by an arrow for being a Scotsman.
Is it not the Welsh who can be shot by an arrow in York?
I'm led to believe it is Chester the Welsh must avoid after midnight.
I have learned something today. Scots beware in York except on the Sunday.
A York meeting would be brilliant, Tony. Practically a stone's throw away from where I am staying at the mo - count me in.
If it's York count me and some of my non-member friends in. Superb news!


I'm with oldpesky on the Glasgow idea, but I guess there are far too few talers here. I hope that someday I will be able to attend one of these meetings!
My mother lives in York. Just need plenty of warning. Would be great to meet up. I'm sure I could shamble my way through something on the night unless you get me drunk first. Best start a whip-round now.

Parson Thru

Sounds good :)


Hi Tony, York would be so ideal for me as I'm based in Leeds. I would love to attend the ABC meetings in London but it's not feasible due to distance and cost etc.. Please come up North, we're not all that bad up here you know! Sorraya x


Hi Tony, Yes, I am definitely interested in a York evening but like OP would appreciate as much notice as possible so that I can be sure I have nothing already booked. Many thanks Moya
Now then, this would be dandy as I live in Yorkshire these days. And of course I would love to read. Lets make it happen! As ever Ralph x


I'm up for York, Tony. Yes Please. Manchester would be better but York is infinitely doable.


That sounds like a quorum to me - we'll start to fix it up now!
Tony, How many people do you need to make it a viable proposition? And I too would have a go at a reading. If there is room then some of my family might help to fill any empty places. Hoping York is good to go! Moya
Tony, that's great news.


Tony, I second that!
Excellent :-)


I'd be able to come to York so YESYESYES! Alex


Looking forward to hearing you all, hope it's possible for a Friday or Saturday, school nights are off limits!


I'd love to go, but gave away my canoe to a favourite niece. Richard from Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Richard L. Provencher
It's looking like end of September time - and we'll try for a Friday evening.
Excellent news.



Parson Thru

Works for me, thank you Tony.


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