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Welcome to the all new ABCtales! There are glitches but we are sorting them out as swiftly as we can. Please post your problems here and we'll deal with them as quickly as we can.



Hi Tony, It's fabulous. A piece posted under my user-name has just appeared. Unfortunately, it isn't my work. Unsure if this is a current issue, thought I'd mention it. Thank-you.


Hi Vera and sorry for the error. Let's just wait to see who is the author of that story and I'll do the change. There were a bug on the system and many people logged into the wrong account. Afortunately this has been solved.


I'm glad that you said that Vera - it didn't read like one of yours.


I can access my blog, but can't post anything new (which is maybe telling me something)?


Some of the comments on my most recent stories are gone! Can we petition for a lost and found section?
Gettting strange message then it goes then it comes back on other piece. Also lost comments on last story. New layout looks good just need to get used to it. Thank you techie and all admin. Moya
Also as you can from above I can't get rid of Wowzers! but that was me when I first came on this site not anything new. Thanks Moya
About 90% of my stories have jumped out of their collections. Will I have to go through them all individually to fix them?
Hi Tony, thanks for fixing the cherry bug. Reads have gone down by about 3000, but I've seen my doctor and he says it's something that happens at my age. Otherwise,well done on the improvements - brings the site nicely up to date. Is there a mobile version? Thanks, Kev

Parson Thru

I clicked a like and a dislike came up.
Quite a lot of reads have disappeared. Layout looks great though. Thanks for your help.


Hello everyone, After a day fixing bugs caused by the migration. Here are the last points to fix/consider: 1. People lost some reads. Unfortunately this happened when we were importing the content from the old database to the new site. We did another import yesterday trying to cope with this problem and the read counter increased a bit. We can't do it again because that would override the actual reads, and you'll get less. 2. Comments. There's 424.541 comments on the old database and only 393.035 have been imported successfully. We'll try to import the missing ones, but that could take more than 24h to complete. 3. Likes/dislikes. When you click on "like" you are flagging the content. The reason why you get a "dislike" after that is because you have the option to "unflag" it. Like Facebook when you click on like you get a dislike option. 4. Some stories jumped out of their collections. Don't know how that could happen. How many people have been affected? 5. Some people have lost their profile content. I'm very sorry about that, it's a migration issue. I can give you the possibility to view your old user page on the old There you could copy and paste the profile info to the new site account. I'll tell you how: 5.1 copy the following IP address: 5.2 add your user page url. ex: (you can get that from your user page) Hope that helps for now. More issues/problems would be welcome. The admin.


Is the 'writers I follow' feature gone or is that something that is being fixed? I hope it's being fixed as I found that really helpful. Also, not sure search works very well. I tried searching on several words I know are in my stories and they didn't come up.
Hi alex_tomlin, This feature isn't in the new site any more. If editors want this feature back I'll work on it. About the search, the content is being indexed but it normally archives 500 stories per hour and will take 4 days to be completely indexed.


I too seem to have lost my profile. When I go to I get this message: "The website is currently undergoing maintenance. As a result, we currently cannot allow users to log in. We apologise for the inconvenience." When I now log in to the new site and go to my account all my input appears to be there (92 stories - 85 cherry picked) but the individual collections don't show all the stories.


luigi_pagano, That's your old url I am afraid you will need to add your stories to their collections manually. I'm sorry for that. Now you can login into the old site. admin.


Well, I'd definitely like the 'follow writers' option back (not just because it was my idea). I find it far more useful than bookmarking individual stories. There's certain writers I know I like and it's very useful to have them in one list rather than trawling through the site or searching each one individually.
The new format won't let me edit the title of my last story. Can I do so? Or should I delete whole thing and repost it as a re-write with my desired amendments?


And I have now discovered I cannot upload my work from my pc by copy and paste - what does the 'edit summary' message in red mean?


Hi Linda, You can edit the title story at the top of the page (Story title field), not into the editor. And you can paste any kind of text from your computer into the editor field. There's a good button for that called "Paste from Word". The summary is only a brief introduction of the story, used in the teaser.


Thanks, I have successfully uploaded a new story using the magic button. However, I was already trying to edit my previous story title using the story title field, and it is just coming up with an alarmingly long red ERROR message which means nothing to this aged Granny (getting more aged by the minute, what with Yahoo messing about with email and this wretched new Windows 8!)


Have managed to resolve the mystery work. Thank you for your help!


Same as above. Likes are gone too and the cherries for my latest story have disappeared. Like the new layout though - feels a bit more intuitive.


Did you say that it is possible to move stories from the old site to the new site if they dont seem to have arrived? or do I need to resubmit them sometime? obviously that would be minus any comments that had been made. Rhiannon It seems to be only one now that hasnt arrived at all (ie some others were just not in their collections correctly)


My comments box always starts with the word Wowzers which happened when I first joined the site and I just used to delete it but now when I comment on other peoples work the dratted word comes up at the end of my comment and sometimes it just isn't appropriate. I would welcome any help to get rid. Thank you, Moya
Moya - that was one I could solve! You had put Wowzers down as your signature so it always appeared on your posts! I have deleted it. xx Tony

Hi, I had 2 comments today on a new piece thatI put up this week, read them once but now they have disappeared. Thanks. Rachel


Same here re. comments.

Parson Thru

Yes, same with my last story.  I had two comments with replies but they have disappeared too.  I am bereft!

Would love to see them again if possible.

Thank you,



My glitches: 1)  As Linda mentioned above, difficulties editing (red box tells me no more editing) so I too am wondering whether re-posting is the answer.  Not just talking about title but whole thing. 2) clicking enter doesn't work for new paras - hence this post carying on without a break....3) tried italics - worked fine but couldn't get out again. 4) Copied and pasted as couldn't edit in the body of the piece, then heading came up in italics.    Not complaining, just pointing out.  Like Linda, coping with new laptop & new Abc too much for another old granny-person...

The title being in italics is correct seashore.  The title's italics will only disappear from the piece after it has been read by an editor.


thanks scratch - now I would put a new para here if I could but as I can't, just one more thing - the preview button worked for first posting but not after editing.  Perhaps problems vary according to one's own home technology?  Oh dear I hope not, I worry about mine constantly since most of it is new-ish.

Fear not dear seashore.  I am completely confident that the experts who are dealing with these teething problems are more than up to the tasks that they face.  It will take time for all the wrinkles to be ironed out but since the new site went live the improvement in its performance has been exponential.


I have two stories still with titles in Italics.  One was posted in July and one at beginnning of August does that mean they have not been read  and if so has the boat sailed without them?


I think I may have posted this somewhere else too.


Yes I've had a similar experience, Moya.   I notice you can do paragraphs however - I am SO jealous!!  Thanks scratch for encouraging words -(shh, just had to google "exponential").  Being of an anxious disposition I think I will refrain from too much hovering around ABC for a while whilst the teething problems are sorted out...

When the data transfer took place as the new site went live I believe (not totaly sure) that some datum didn't like the move.  I am convince that the italicised stories will have been read at or very close to the time that they were posted and the italics are part of the glitches.



I feel a bit silly posting this but my story "I am Here' which was story of the week has lost its gold star and gone back to being a cherry. I am very happy with the cherry of course, don't get me wrong, but the star might encourage a few extra reads and also I am quite proud of it :o).  Any chance of getting the star back? 

Thank you and hope I don't sound like a diva :o)




Thank you :o)


Any picture I put on my profile page gets cut in half by a large bar. This is not a good look for me :)


absolute panic. when |I tried to write a poem it just wanted me to write prose. I manged to write it on word and copy but...


I just can't post a new story chapter --- the words  print on top of each other


I don't remember a topic about Anne Boleyn - sorry can't help!