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The March of the Dragons Chapter 3 (minus about a page due to wordcount)

Lâm swatted at a fly buzzing around his ear. He sat in his green plastic chair. The electric fan he was repairing resting across his knees. Returning...

The March of the Dragons Chapter 2 (minus the last paragraph due to word count).

The customs officer looked barely out of his teens. Red and gold epaulets on the shoulders of his lime green tunic might have signified some lofty...

The March of the Dragons - Chapter 1

The first of forty-seven chapters. The March of the Dragons is set in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Internatonal desperation at dwindling oil reserves results in tensions between several Asian nations over the issue of some 230 billion barrels of oil under the hotly contested Spratly Islands. When the spiralling dispute leads to war, a surprise attack on Vietnam has the unprepared Vietnamese military reeling in defeat- leaving the resistance to a new 'Viet Cong' the youth of the 21st century. Unprepared for the horrors of war which their grandparents endured, a group of students band together to fight for their country. In this first chapter we see them immediately prior to the invasion.