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Because Of The Color (Short Story)

I am standing on the corner of Main and Second when I suddenly become self-conscious of my sweater.

Hissing Of Summer Lawns (Novellette? opening)

2020 The moment my skin separates from material, fingertip from ceramic, I struggle against an overwhelming sense of regret. I’ve done it, of course...

All Good (short story) part 2 of 2

"That’s good,” he repeats, “because then I can keep you safe from all of it.” I don’t know what he means, but I put my bag down. It knocks over a...

All Good (short story) part 1 of 2

I’m at the closest thing my rural high school has to a counsellor, Mr. Hawkin. I’ve seen him draft an email in my presence and according his...


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I'm reading Wildlife by

Posted on Mon, 07 Sep 2020

I'm reading Wildlife by Richard Ford right now and I got a bit of vibes off this from that. It might just be the Montana setting.

Only thing i'd say is I think you could build the character's voice a bit more by using dialogue to express...

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