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I had intended to book Korn Korn are an American nu metal band unfortunately I booked Corn Corn are a Hungarian brother and sister duo who single medieval agrarian folk couplets

Ex chapter 4 - Daniel's mother is a mermaid

The sea could be, was magnificent, it took her breath away with every salt filled swathe and in that moment, for her, she knew it was more of a husband to her than Daniel’s father could ever be.

Love in a time of hope

know that with every ounce of strength and spirit I have and however lost I might be I will always find my way back to your side where my piece of the jigsaw fits

Love in a time of riots

Shards of broken glass fell upon your shoulders And into your hoodie Like glistening amethysts Flecked in their reflected hearts With the blood orange glint

Our garden is full of pornography

you are another blade of grass so much less than the little men that stow away in its branches in nests lined with simplicity and impossible laughter