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The Misery Of Flight (2)

I’m staring at the ceiling in a strange room with the smell of bleach and pine furniture.
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The Misery of Flight

Prefix i worry about dying young. Every pain, ache and dull throb is an alarm. It's carpal tunnel. Lou Gehrig's disease. A heart attack, right around...


There used to be melted crayolas, On the ceiling of the palace furnace - Sticks of wax with cracks and grooves, Where i would hide in the rain. But...


It's not a big phone, by any means Which means it fits snug in my hand. "Like a tiny mirror" I say aloud Cause its screen is almost always staring...


The shame was an everyday occurence. He tried to hide it with words, thrown in like afterthoughts when the weight of all things settled as a dull,...


1 of my comments has received 1 Great Feedback vote

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awfully beautiful! i was

Posted on Mon, 17 Mar 2014

awfully beautiful! i was particularly moved by the last few lines
"These lines appear as scars, bloody bars 

within a room that belies freedom"
struck me as particularly well rythmed! 

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