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Christine Ashby

I live in rural Norfolk and am enjoying having time to write at last.  I seem to write a lot of stories with a bit of human conflict and have specialised in flash fiction or short stories but have ambitions to write a full novel one day soon.  I enjoy crime and thriller novels and I'd love to complete a full length murder mystery one day...I wrote a draft for Nanowrimo several years ago but have never gone back to that first attempt! It had more holes than a sieve but I'm sure it could be knocked into shape"

My stories

The Big Day

There are girly giggles and running footsteps in the hall and doors opening and shutting noisily. I think I’ll stay here for a while longer.

Craig's Story

When the telephone rings at 10.30pm on a Sunday evening you instinctively know that something is wrong.

Going with Flo

'The trip into town takes thirty minutes by car but I think Flo must be in a hurry for we arrive at the Bell Hotel car-park in exactly twenty-two minutes. I am surprised we have arrived at all as Flo has an alarming tendency to overtake unexpectedly, catching me and the other road-users by surprise. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is an act of daring on Flo's part as every hair-raising manoeuvre is accompanied by one of her tinkling giggles. Flo behind a steering wheel reminds me of a mischievous eight year old!


I turn around to see what he wants and get a face full of snow. He is laughing. 'That's not funny, you idiot!' I shout but he is still laughing. My face stings and I am close to tears. 'That's bloody typical of you!' My anger is rising rapidly. He is still throwing snowballs at me while laughing even louder. I run towards him in a rage, all the anger and tension of the last few days has been released and I'm no longer in control.

Goodnight, sweetheart

As she watched him sleeping now she ached to lie beside him and to feel the warmth of his body once more but it wasn't time. Not yet. The letter had to be finished but it was so hard to find the right words, to explain why. How can you make someone understand how you feel, to explain that what you have done is for the best even when it causes hurt and pain?