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Missi - a fairy story

Missi was fed up now. A joke was a joke but it had gone too far and she was getting hungry. ‘You’ll have to wait until someone comes along and helps...

Hold The Chair

The heat in the flat is stifling. All the windows and doors are flung open but still there’s no breeze. Tempers are raised to match the heat. It’s...

You know what to do...

You’ve imagined packing up, walking away from this cramped flat over and over but now you’re doing it for real. You’re angrily slamming drawers shut...

The Bigger Picture

“Why do you keep all that bloody junk?” He’s in a mood again. I can tell. “It only collects dust,” he snaps. I carry on dusting. Better to let him...


It’s been interesting to see who has changed and how much. Some have aged better than others.


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Thought provoking

Posted on Fri, 23 Jun 2017

A thought provoking piece.  What to do with all the stuff we all accumulate in a lifetime?  Bereavement is painful but having to decide what to keep, what to discard, is painful too particularly if it holds memories of someone now gone.  What we...

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