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I'm just now starting to share my writing. 

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Learning the roller coaster

(before hypomania) i have all these thoughts screaming racing through my head i should share them (what is a filter for anyway?) (during hypomania) i...

Begging for a dx part 2 (tw: mental health)

isnt this what i wanted? isnt it what i begged for? a diagnosis! a brain condition! a failure of genetics! an excuse and now i have it but it doesn't...

Begging for a dx (tw: mental health, drugs)

This is a poem about mental health issues and drug addiction. I don't claim to be an expert in either, but it's what I felt. sitting in the car...


This is a poem about how people assign a "weight" to the words we use. when i was younger, i looked directly in your face and i said, "i need to PISS...

Not an object (tw:gore)

people are not objects to be broken or repaired or renewed people are meat to be sliced and consumed and expunged a broken neck to stop the pain a...