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Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu

Someone alone.

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In my time I looked at my hands and I understood: I resemble my mother. Life flows out from my joints and comes back to itself through my fingertips...

Don't Bend over the Train Window

I bid farewell to childhood with my soul and my face crumpling like Jacques Brel singing his music/ I wrote letters and poems without destination...

The book of the prodigal son’s daughter

and even after we go to meet our maker there’s an alley separating us apparently in two rows of angels and saints some with their head towards...

[missing snow]

missing snow I make and remake a paper ball


1 of my comments has received 1 Great Feedback vote

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Is it life, is it death, is

Posted on Wed, 24 Jun 2015

Is it life, is it death, is it still-life? I like this kind of poems where real things are endowed with special meaning. It is emotion through banality, it is like blooming an otherwise non-magical picture. It is also a hint of mystery...

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