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I have 324 stories published in 11 collections on the site.
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Graham Fewell


My stories

AU A Golden Secret

Funny how energy from the sun comes to feed us. Across 93 million miles an AU for short, which just happens to be the symbol for Gold....How does it feed's a secret

Greed For Gold

I was thinking about the environment and certain nations in the greed for profit over stewardship and at the same time the Cree Indian prover about the last fish being caught...

In A Cavern In A Canyon

Who does the narrator seek, and who is seeking him... the story will continue.

Now I'm Sixty Three

I have a hearing aid and a walking stick and as I fast approach 64 I decided to look back at my 63 years from a personal perspective

If Looks Could Kill

Words are usually beyond me to discribe the impatience and downright rudeness of people in supermarket queues and their evil glances...