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I have 16 stories published in one collection on the site.
My stories have been read 2208 times and 4 of my stories have been cherry picked.

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Svetlana Vasileva

Well, just a begginer, trying to go through some very dificult part of my life and thought writing about it might help. And it actually did somehow, but then I got qurious as it's really infectios (writing I mean) if my writing is good or not, whether I've got style (as they say) or not, what am I doing wrong and what am i doing right:)

Other than that, full-time running my own business (which has nothing to do with writing btw) living with my 2 beautiful kids, my amazing hysband and our dog. Sounds perferct, right? Althought it isn't sometimes:)

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The Apocalypse

I’ve always had uncontrollable and unexplained fear of zombies. No idea why, the idea of them just terrified me. Anything else I can take with no...

And there she is – my mother.

Even now, knowing all this, I still miss my mother despite the logic in my mind telling me I never actually had one. I think it’s been more than a...

But there's always more

While I was crying silently in bed for 3 days my husband was reading and researching and taking care of the kids, the house, everything. I just...

Hope has left the building

It took me nearly 40 years and so many painful events in my life where a normal mother would be by her daughter’s side for me to see the truth. Well...

Facing the truth

Today I had to “burry alive” my family. All of them. My mother, my father and my brother. Although it felt like I’m burying myself, painfully aware...