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I have 26 stories published in 6 collections on the site.
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Kelly Thornton

An avid reader, writer, and gamer. I enjoy music, art, and nature. I have always loved to read, write, draw, and dream. I write fantasy, fiction, and poetry.

My stories

Shadow Guardians -Part Two- In the Shadows

Something menacing was lurking in the inky shadows, hanging on to every word between the girl and guardian. He hated the guardians, all of them! One...

Shadow Guardians -Part One- Meeting Mirra

Slick with blood when it returned, the dagger had glided between her ribs, piercing her right lung and through to her heart. Every pump from the...

Forest of Eden - Part Two - Through the Portal

Kit flew through the archway, its symbols glowing even stronger now, the portal was open and she had to pump her wings hard to keep up with the raven...

Under the Sea -Chapter Two- Preparations

The arm of a purple starfish, The tooth of a silver shark, A green sea turtle's shell, The beak of a blue parrot fish, The black ink of a gold squid...


I want you, I need you I must have you... Nothing to sedate the craving. To feel your skin and mine caressing. Hold me, kiss me Love me, fuck me .....