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I have 26 stories published in 6 collections on the site.
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Kelly Thornton

An avid reader, writer, and gamer. I enjoy music, art, and nature. I have always loved to read, write, draw, and dream. I write fantasy, fiction, and poetry.

My stories

Empty Evolution

Emphatic emotional evolution enveloping everything Monotonous meditation medicine may mystically mellow Perhaps peacefully pondering places, peoples...

Shadow Guardians - Part Six - Training Yard

Warren didn't know why Mirra had made him the Lillie girls mentor. She was a simple little blonde girl, tall and thin, her limbs were very stick like...

An Autumn Family Tree

A golden shroud sprayed in crimson only to dry and brown in the golden sun the wind brings a chill, gentle and fun drink deeply my precious little...

Shadow Guardians - Part Five - The Phoenix Staff of Rebirth

Verra could barely contain herself. She knew everything there was to know about the Phoenix Staff of Rebirth. Created during the first war with...


Wanted Nanny for small, quite family. Will receive room and board along with salary. Please apply in person at the Malbis Plantation Estate. Ellie...


4 of my comments have received 4 Great Feedback votes

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Oh wow, this piece looks

Posted on Sun, 26 Oct 2014

Oh wow, this piece looks great now, much more structured, it's amazing what centering a piece can do (even better than my original suggestion)... great job! It is an awesome song as well :)

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Posted in Why Do People Do The Things They Do

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Even I shed a tear for this...

Posted on Sun, 26 Oct 2014

Heart wrenching, shocking even, I had no idea that that was where we were heading. Great job!

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Posted in A Grave

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Great story for the holiday,

Posted on Sat, 18 Oct 2014

Great story for the holiday, it was creepy and eerie giving me chills a few times. Great Job! I noticed you need a space between 'and' and 'I' towards the top, in the sentence, "He bellowed and I chuckled." 

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Posted in Edge of Nightmares

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At first....

Posted on Thu, 25 Sep 2014

At first I thought how cute, I love it, I am a math fan myself. Then, BAM! You hit me with me with the theory of relative caring. How right you are my friend and what a whitty, intelligent way to deliver it.

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Posted in C = F/D