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I have 26 stories published in 6 collections on the site.
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Kelly Thornton

An avid reader, writer, and gamer. I enjoy music, art, and nature. I have always loved to read, write, draw, and dream. I write fantasy, fiction, and poetry.

My stories

Under the Sea - Chapter One - Impending Reign

Poseidon reached the palace and began the usual order of business. After doing the morning rounds he sought out his wife, Amphitrite, and their...

Under the Sea - Prologue

Poseidon watched her walk the shore line. She would pause every few feet to examine the shells she came across. He saw her select only the very best...


You said you would always be there but of course you would always care. I thought you would stand beside me through thick and thin we did agree. But...

The Grand Gift of Life

She stood over the grave, fresh tears making it down her face one by one to fall to the earth. Those tears are what called him, called him back to...

Forest of Eden - Part One- A New Beginning

The only thought on Kit's mind was to not stop running or look back. She could feel it getting closer, the icy breath making her skin crawl along her...