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Geraldine Douglas

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I Remember...

I remember my window, spattered with sleet, the phantasm-feral mist, hovering voodoo flares. A diamond flamed moon... She brought stone-cold nights,...

A Festive Season.

Fading Violas crinkle their leaves, December’s yellow Rose absent citron syrup. A flame of Poppies hang heads like half licked strawberry lollies...

The Nativity.

As Sun-fire flames lick the Moon’s zinc face, rainbows shoot through Universes of measureless galaxies. A polished star gracefully showers molten...

Dusk to Dawn.

Dusk’s satin shoes step elegantly into the finishing story of a fine Summery day, creasing the air pearl to slate. The beckoning dawn... breaks with...

A Christmas Treat.

I peep through iced, quartz patterned pane. Ripened berries drop, mashed mistletoe, ruddy red holly fruits, squashed, squished, diluted pink seeps,...