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Geraldine Douglas

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The Swan King.

Fine fibre lashes flicker, flutter. Sailing trance-like on warm reflected glass, Royal icing sculpture, still Lily-White feathers. Ripples giggling,...
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The Grief of Gaziantep.

The Grief of Gaziantep. Hotter than a Dragon’s kiss, the seas boil under saffron sun. Tiny thrumming mosquitoes zone on sweating, caramac skin,...

Blue Tit

As the story book harvest moon wanes between postcard-green meadows... Paridae songbirds lovingly weave nestling frameworks of art, dripped with Ivy...

This Moment.

This Moment. A veil of grime wanders my window pane. Eyes exhausted, pain surges my structure... Dawn-pink Lilies lavish the Earth’s light-gold rays...

Bermondsey to Basra Battlefronts.

Bermondsey to Basra Battlefronts. 2002. Dole doldrums, Asbo estate yobbo’s attack stagnated study,mates dying on crack, no jobs for the Bermondsey...