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Geraldine Douglas

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The Velvet Rose....for Valentines Day.

Known as ‘The Velvet Rose’, once existed, origin unknown. She speaks mysteries unresolved, her lovely accents almost suffocate. The glory of its...

Winter Dispossessed.

Winter exhausted, dispossesses the land, just slight echoes of cracks, crunches. Ground, once hard as iron, becoming a softy sponge, soon a coral...

Spring Welcome.

Sweet sunrise superbly slips from behind snow dressed peaks, spinning sunny shades, slavering amber syrup. Rust to russet, russet to lemon-yellow,...

Icicled Daze.

A quarry baptized in crystal. Fluorescent, flared auras, glittering Angel fire. A strange strangeness suspended in time hung solid in misted incense...

Lady Sofia's Nightingale.

My saviour! Benevolent Lady Autumnus honours me. Onyx orbs, presented on star shaped leaf-cushions, the Belladonna harvest, beauty beyond... Dark as...