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Geraldine Douglas

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As Evening Draws Close...

As evening draws close... dove-grey clouds polish the sun for morrows feast of fiery blast. Half-moon slips into cosmic slot, his invisible thread...

No Hand to Hold.

...walking as fast as I could, no collar on my coat, no hood, no hand to hold on to, little face patched blue, teeth chatter...flamenco fairies feet...

Jack Frost.

Ravens rummaging for treasured fruits, in caves of white conceal their loot. A tinsel wrapped Dolly, bells ding-a-ling, imagination thrives on golden...

Winter Fantasia

Snowman, his coat a trillion frosty threads...crotched by Jack, the naughty mischief maker. Each crystal cast perfect by Boreas. # Blizzard bullies,...

Jewels of Africa.

The saffron Queen spins the lilac sky, her rays flick crimson cinders into Royal Blue Oceans. Submerge, sizzle, frizzle...going, going, gone! ...But...