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Laurie Avadis

Hello wonderful people - my first novel - Ex was published by UnBound on the 27th August 2015. To buy it go to

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Tangerine static

Butterfly kisses of frost
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Poem of the week

I have an imaginary daughter

I have an imaginary daughter whose age is as malleable as the particulates of frost which freckle the eyelashes of snowshoe hares ‘Don’t stay out too...
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And? - Bedlam

And? Bedlam When Tiberius Drake was 11 years old (36 days after the inopportune flattening of his father under the drum of a disconsolate steamroller...
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The Whale Cafe

This is the cafe in the park where the whales come for breakfast, between the hours of 8 and 9.45am. It is waitresss service only and each whale has...

Her father was a thunderstorm

The years rained down on her like a child's spiteful playground punches. She was brutalised by the time in which she lived, a time, when those who...


13 of my comments have received 14 Great Feedback votes

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It sounds like you went to a school like mine Lindy

Posted on Sat, 02 Aug 2014

Discovering that my teachers were amongst the ranks of the undead would not have been a surprise. 

Very well written  - a really fun read!


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Posted in Unwillingly to school

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I very much liked

Posted on Sat, 09 Aug 2014

I very much liked

Talk more

and you fall down

This is heartfelt work

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Posted in Happy life