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I have 117 stories published in 2 collections on the site.
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Laurie Avadis

Hello wonderful people - my first novel - Ex was published by UnBound on the 27th August 2015. To buy it go to

My stories


Scattered and diffused

"Dad?" "Is that?" "How can we...?" "I found a telephone, except it's not actually a's can use it to call someone who is...

Attack Monkey

I am an an attack monkey There is no end to me I am both wretched and feted I have only kicks and punches My epitaph is worthless graffiti It is a...

And? Chapter 1 Ice cream vans and harpoon guns

Chapter 1 The ice cream van was parked at the base of the Owlshead Mountains in the remote south west corner of Death Valley. A giant revolving Mr...

Why do you fear me?

if you had not been way-laid by the memory of a face of insufferable beauty

Tortuously delicate embraces

It had been less than two weeks since he had slammed down his pint showering me in coruscating petals