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My stories


Dancing smoke

Smoke swirls slowly like a carefully considered Tai Chi movement, taking the shape of least resistance creating and dissolving; revealing itself as...

Three floors up, on a Sunday night

In the last hour of daylight before the curtains are drawn I look at the white haired man in the tenement flat opposite, slouched in his usual chair...

Moon Day Mirage

Together I saw you; your moon face faint like a sugar dusted stencil on the Skye blue sky. Your sunshine shattered yet spliced through the woods; not...

Snow of silence

Snow like ash burning paper fragments; wispy, floating to nothing. Snow drops of silence; stars falling, surrounding consuming, coming to rest.

Childhood stories

On visits to Grannie’s little end terraced house, my sisters and I would sit at the table and listen to her stories about Rupert the Bear. There...