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My stories have been read 72070 times and 100 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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My stories

The makings of a thief

Trying a bit of flash fiction..200 words. Money was missing, he knew it must be her; he’d been watching. He said it would be her last shift but she...

The first train

He pushes her over the top of the high mesh fence it droops, sags she hears the rip of her denims tear an L shape steadying herself, she jumps down...

I thought it to be fire

I thought it to be fire a glorious final act ablaze in golden tangerine. Close the crimson velour theatre, darken your eyes from the glare. Then I...

Inner child

Both these things made her feel milky coffee sick; the half- filled application forms, scattered, the dried black ink on her tattered sheet’s. She’d...

Dancing smoke

Smoke swirls slowly like a carefully considered Tai Chi movement, taking the shape of least resistance creating and dissolving; revealing itself as...