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I sit on the grassy hill- halfway up, tall trees’ seem to wriggle their leaves at me as wetness seeps through from the dead cut grass; a soiled pull-...

Two Days (re-write)

( I've rewritten this, the first part - hopefully it works better!) ‘Get the baby’s bottle!’ Kathleen’s Ma screamed. ‘Quick it’s on the mantelpiece...

The makings of a thief

Trying a bit of flash fiction..200 words. Money was missing, he knew it must be her; he’d been watching. He said it would be her last shift but she...

The first train

He pushes her over the top of the high mesh fence it droops, sags she hears the rip of her denims tear an L shape steadying herself, she jumps down...

I thought it to be fire

I thought it to be fire a glorious final act ablaze in golden tangerine. Close the crimson velour theatre, darken your eyes from the glare. Then I...