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My stories

My Hidden Heart

My heart has been in hiding, under a tough body Armour; a dark shell thick with crustaceans of limpets and barnacles who attach yet don't get through...

That house

That house is now a house, like a doll's house that you can see in, You can make up little scene's; recrerate a day, a night a life. The doll's in...

A Grave

I saw a man once, reading to a headstone in a fawn gilet. As the sun streamed through the trees onto his head, daffodils blew their trumpets at his...

Fossil Grove

FOSSIL GROVE Fossil Grove is a place which has a long history, 330 million years to be precise. Its journey from being a prehistoric rainforest seems...

The Non- Conformist

THE NON - CONFORMIST The odd cotton pad, I pulled from the pack was shaped like a Chinese fortune cookie. Yet when I opened it, it looked like a...