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My stories

Black Bag

Once it was filled with the finest Norwegian chocolate sometimes white, sometimes nutty. It came home every second Friday night, stuffed with...

Feeling fragile

I stopped and softly stroked the delicate white orchid’s petal, its fragility suddenly reminded me of you; its rippled wrinkling, like the skin on...

Love the world

A rise in waves from the bottom of my tummy tinkling on every organ on the way rushing filling every empty dry corner; fresh and clear, with frothy...

My Hidden Heart

My heart has been in hiding, under a tough body Armour; a dark shell thick with crustaceans of limpets and barnacles who attach yet don't get through...

That house

That house is now a house, like a doll's house that you can see in, You can make up little scene's; recrerate a day, a night a life. The doll's in...