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A bed

A bed’s being dragged across the sky for a better sea view of the twinkle fairies flickering and the sailors whispering of where you’d been and with...
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Snow crunches underfoot wellington tracks dance out before me a patchwork blanket of ice sits snug as the sun shines on marshmallow mountains I...


When she came back she said I looked like a marble tomb covered in ash hiding the skeletal remains – post apocalypse everything about me was muted;...

The Waiting Room

He spread the food out over the duvet trying to make up for it. I remember the smell of acrid vinegar from the jar of crinkle sliced beetroot that he...

The Red Leaf

There is one red leaf on the tree hanging like an open mouth whilst a pea-green one is on the verge of growing up into yellow Tinkling’s of rain...