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The Red Leaf

There is one red leaf on the tree hanging like an open mouth whilst a pea-green one is on the verge of growing up into yellow Tinkling’s of rain...


The fake tree does not need looking after. It stands a little askew reminding me it’ll never change. No leaves will wilt, colour, fall, or grow. It’s...
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I wished to write ‘An ode to you’ – no, too thoughtless too common those words never reached the screen and I wonder if they reached you as I tried...

The Step Back

What made me do it, made me leave that day? The tipping point came one night I’d asked him not to go to football training, could he come home after...
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The First Step

I remember the day I filled the car full. Full of all the things I thought he’d need; his baby walker, Moses basket, far too many clothes, stacks of...