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You know the sort

You know the sort, wide mouthed, google-eyes blinking like car lights the type to stand back from the crowd in dusty tweeds, puff puffing on a pipe...

I remember

I remember watching her eat a six pack of sticky snowballs with her back against the grey radiator. I remember seeing a boy peeing onto the base of...

The Inquisitive Mood

Do you know what a supernova event is? Would you do it for charity without knowing what it is? Or a fire-walk? Maybe next year you could do the Loony...

Exercise in Style in Four Ways

Innocence He looks funny, like a dwarf, or a midget (don’t tell mum; I’m not allowed to use those words). But yes, like he should be in a circus! He...

i am the woman who

I am the woman who was thrown into the hall. I am the woman whose trust was broken. I am the woman who forgave and forgave because love meant more. I...


45 of my comments have received 42 Great Feedback votes

1 Vote

Otherworldly, dark,

Posted on Sun, 24 May 2015

Otherworldly, dark, mysterious and sad. It feels like a psychological description of a 'place' to me. A dark place in which he is stuck. I love how your work leaves the reader hanging and provokes thought! 

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Posted in Gave it to the sea

1 Vote

I found this edgy and was

Posted on Thu, 21 May 2015

I found this edgy and was really gripped by the underlying tension throughout the story. K binning the yogurts is very telling of their relationship! (might be a wee typo at 'an dark hue'?)

It leaves me asking lots of questions and wanting...

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Posted in Passing Through - 1/3 - Passing the time/Three-day work trip

1 Vote

This is very well crafted.

Posted on Tue, 19 May 2015

This is very well crafted. The train setting is effective to the characters inner thoughts. In particular I liked the character thinking she had stopped the train using her mind! 

 Also ' the edges draw paper- cuts down across my nerves, ...

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Posted in I Can Stop When I Want To

1 Vote

Heartbreaking...yet told in a

Posted on Mon, 18 May 2015

Heartbreaking...yet told in a way that is powerful and engaging.

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Posted in No Angels

1 Vote

Really effective imagery

Posted on Sat, 09 May 2015

Really effective imagery achieved especially in stanza five - ice-lolly milk breath scatters dandelion clocks...toddler chasing dollar bills...flickering phones.. 

I've seen something new in it every time I've read it- brilliant...

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Posted in Montage of my sons. IP

1 Vote

Beautifully composed. I felt

Posted on Fri, 08 May 2015

Beautifully composed. I felt like an observer of nature reading this; it's ever-changing birth and death.

Some vivid imagery created especially through the first stanza. 

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Posted in Buggered if I Know.

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This made me laugh- very

Posted on Mon, 06 Apr 2015

This made me laugh- very humourous! I can relate to the sisterly simmerings which run deep into adulthood. Nicely done :) 

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Posted in Simmering Sibblings