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Earth. Live. Neutral.

Earth I was good at rewiring plugs. It was one of the skills that I was admired for in my first job. Stan the man was the boss. He did the Stanley...
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My Mother and I aren't Talking and Other Tales.

Thank you all for feedback and comments- going to work on this for submission.

The Stone Fish

You walk up the path that curves to the right. You can go either route but this one is your favourite. Here you can breathe in the gorse that smells...

The Fraser Girls

Skin Colour Sour milk white, porridge like, plucked, mottled chicken breast, freckles, moles (some with hairs)pinkish, lobster red (on that visit to...


1. Getting married was their last hope. It wasn’t pink cheeked radiance and doe dew eyes like the flipped pages of a bridal magazine. The quiet...


44 of my comments have received 41 Great Feedback votes

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I found this edgy and was

Posted on Thu, 21 May 2015

I found this edgy and was really gripped by the underlying tension throughout the story. K binning the yogurts is very telling of their relationship! (might be a wee typo at 'an dark hue'?)

It leaves me asking lots of questions and wanting...

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Posted in Passing Through - 1/3 - Passing the time/Three-day work trip

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This is very well crafted.

Posted on Tue, 19 May 2015

This is very well crafted. The train setting is effective to the characters inner thoughts. In particular I liked the character thinking she had stopped the train using her mind! 

 Also ' the edges draw paper- cuts down across my nerves, ...

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Posted in I Can Stop When I Want To

1 Vote

Heartbreaking...yet told in a

Posted on Mon, 18 May 2015

Heartbreaking...yet told in a way that is powerful and engaging.

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Posted in No Angels

1 Vote

Really effective imagery

Posted on Sat, 09 May 2015

Really effective imagery achieved especially in stanza five - ice-lolly milk breath scatters dandelion clocks...toddler chasing dollar bills...flickering phones.. 

I've seen something new in it every time I've read it- brilliant...

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Posted in Montage of my sons. IP

1 Vote

Beautifully composed. I felt

Posted on Fri, 08 May 2015

Beautifully composed. I felt like an observer of nature reading this; it's ever-changing birth and death.

Some vivid imagery created especially through the first stanza. 

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Posted in Buggered if I Know.

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This made me laugh- very

Posted on Mon, 06 Apr 2015

This made me laugh- very humourous! I can relate to the sisterly simmerings which run deep into adulthood. Nicely done :) 

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Posted in Simmering Sibblings