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The First Step

I remember the day I filled the car full. Full of all the things I thought he’d need; his baby walker, Moses basket, far too many clothes, stacks of...
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Oot ma heid

Thanks everyone for all kind comments- this piece is off for submission now. :)
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Twice you have painted a lighthouse.

Let us start with the second time, the time that you mixed paint as slick and as thick as butter, your palette knife smoothing, scooping, sweeping...

Shut it (and other words)

Ever felt like you’ve been punched by words like your father, mother, brother, you’re whoever- who once spoke harsh to you in the past stood right...

Mother, mirror, daughter

Hurts everyday conversation, half the time- yes no whilst staring at the T.V hardly ever eats her dinner everything is left at her backside- but she’...