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The Fraser Girls

Skin Colour Sour milk white, porridge like, plucked, mottled chicken breast, freckles, moles (some with hairs)pinkish, lobster red (on that visit to...


1. Getting married was their last hope. It wasn’t pink cheeked radiance and doe dew eyes like the flipped pages of a bridal magazine. The quiet...

A familiar through-line

From the outside we looked like a normal family. We lived in an area that local kids called Spam Valley and Corn-beef Canyon because they thought we...


Barnaby came over from Australia with my grandparents when I was around eight. I wondered if he understood me when I said hello as he didn’t say...

A bed

A bed’s being dragged across the sky for a better sea view of the twinkle fairies flickering and the sailors whispering of where you’d been and with...