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Summer's end

Rain hammers on windows before the hurricane. I fling open the wardrobe where summer still hangs; scented with perfume and sunscreen, translucent...

Toad Spring 2018

The soil suddenly breathed as I forked a pale Hellebore into sodden earth. Almost riven through a spoon-backed, squat toad. Warty: blotched green-...
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The lover, the husband and the wife

Ava counted the two halves of the month in her mind, rocking them together like a cradle as Josh slid out of her. There was only a remote chance of...
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Condoms for Cornwall - a short monologue

Here’s the list. Now what do I need? Well not me. My gallumping son Dan, who's just passed his GCSEs. Him and the rest of his year are heading for...

Candlemas 1842

In fair, bright light I trace Our Lady’s steps to church, for purification with my swaddled son. Deemed unfit to be blessed with his milk-blue skin...