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Mynydd Carningli (for TP's parents)

Bent double to lace dusty walking boots. Unused a year, My hands yank familiar leather He is on the old green sofa when I catch her glance packing...

Raza's home visit

Raza pulled up the van in the cream-gravelled drive of the executive four-bed detached house in Springtown. He was on time but not getting out until...

Mother tongue

It was her children’s’ mouths that calmed Freya. When they spoke it was like music welling up, clearing her mind. As they raced around the house...

Bridesmaids' Tights

Alfie was being sent on a near-final mission for bridesmaids’ tights. Three cream lacy pairs in different sizes. Emma wasn’t speaking after last...

The secret to Hollyhocks

The Secret to Hollyhocks On their honeymoon she stole Crème de Cassis while he held the boat steady Plucked from neat low vineyards along plush banks...