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The first sharp taste of blackberries you hold a palm-full; the juice runs through your fingers like blood still-green ferns are amber-tipped as cool...

The nights before Christmas

On the 12th day of Christmas Jenny decided not to send cards for the first time in 20 years. She ripped up the list and threw out her address book...

Happy 200th Birthday Eve

(thanks to Edward Hodges Bailey) For two centuries I’ve sat stark naked in all weathers peering into a fountain with thighs clamped and a hand...
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Mynydd Carningli (for TP's parents)

Bent double to lace dusty walking boots. Unused a year, my hands yank familiar leather. Our son ready on the worn green sofa, when I catch your...

Raza's home visit

Raza pulled up the van in the cream-gravelled drive of the executive four-bed detached house in Springtown. He was on time but not getting out until...