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The Will

GRAN died on Christmas day; an hour after mum’s mega-dinner and enough sherry to kill a small dog. The only things she brought to the feast were a...
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First Breath:Last Breath

Scream you out. Eelsmooth, plum purple; naked and bloody. Your liquid self empties into my outstretched arms. A girl; with ancient, dark eyes and...

A different view

Eyes. The colours and stories they tell. You never forget them. Hadi’s wife, Azir, felt eyes really were windows of the soul. Hadi did not compute...


The first sharp taste of blackberries you hold a palm-full; the juice runs through your fingers like blood still-green ferns are amber-tipped as cool...

The nights before Christmas

On the 12th day of Christmas Jenny decided not to send cards for the first time in 20 years. She ripped up the list and threw out her address book...