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Poem of the week

In Vitro Electric

Numbed and sedated, I think of Mary Shelley’s near-death in Villa Magni’s colonnaded walls; haunted by six pregnancies: four dead. And all her blood-...
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Strictly, The Last Supper

Rain. Vertical and horizontal, dimples the river and patters against Tilly’s dirty windows. She watches it glaze panes and trickle into smudges as...
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Story of the week

The Will

GRAN died on Christmas day; an hour after mum’s mega-dinner and enough sherry to kill a small dog. The only things she brought to the feast were a...
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First Breath:Last Breath

Scream you out. Eelsmooth, plum purple; naked and bloody. Your liquid self empties into my outstretched arms. A girl; with ancient, dark eyes and...

A different view

Eyes. The colours and stories they tell. You never forget them. Hadi’s wife, Azir, felt eyes really were windows of the soul. Hadi did not compute...