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Queen of Coco-Pops

Soon she’ll be released from here, her faded, smutty chair. Blowflies halo stained-glass wings in dusk’s green gloom; smoke banks, clings. Lank...

Silk Moths’ Secrets (for Nobel prize-winner Adolf Friedrich Butenandt)

Party Member 3716562 calculated bomber pilots’ oxygen uptake, surrendered human sex hormones to crystalline, drawn to female silk moths’ volatile...

No Good News

Grey dawn with builder’s tea and buttered toast my computer eyes the dark world for sewer stories that stick like burrs. The woman who axes her...

Summer's end

Rain hammers on windows before the hurricane. I fling open the wardrobe where summer still hangs; scented with perfume and sunscreen, translucent...

Toad Spring 2018

The soil suddenly breathed as I forked a pale Hellebore into sodden earth. Almost riven through a spoon-backed, squat toad. Warty: blotched green-...