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September Sun on Blackdown Hills

North, up deep-wooded Black Down’s scarp to a windswept southern plateau dissected by a mosaic of secluded river valleys, carpeted by flint, chalk,...
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An Ill Wind

It was an ill wind that blew us indoors, interrupted, as spring turned to summer. The season blooms through slow-motion downpours, panic-buying and...
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One of the 185,000 retirees in the multi-billion-dollar Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan

Let the cash flow into my spacious Toronto duplex, maybe not for many more generations. That’s not my issue. Give free financial reign to men in dark...

Ruby Red

Ruby Reds don’t walk; they embark gingerly freighted, on tip-toe cloven hooves, lumbering beef larders of marbled meat Soft-mouthed, loaded heads...

Hart's Tongue Fern in March 2020

Fibrous rooted, undivided fronds, compressed into coal that powered a globe. W avy outline of a deer’s tongue, wound-healing absorber of heavy metals...


12 of my comments have received 12 Great Feedback votes

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Posted on Tue, 01 Apr 2014

Enjoyed the language you used and the build-up feels very authentic.....and hands are very special to hold and they way they mould to yours........ not joined long enough to read all the chapters but well done for getting this far....

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