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Hart's Tongue Fern in March 2020

Fibrous rooted, undivided fronds, compressed into coal that powered a globe. W avy outline of a deer’s tongue, wound-healing absorber of heavy metals...
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A Haunting

Prologue I used to think ghosts were frightening. On TV, they were inevitably Victorian, dressed in black and wafting around graveyards or creaking...
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Poem of the week

A Slip of the Mother Tongue

Dialect of my mother - burbled from rain-sodden currents in Derry’s Foyle, meltwater brogue of bogs, fairies and goblins, smoky with bacon, whiskey...

Goodbye George

‘Goodbye lovely Boy’, John strokes the horse’s neck; breathes him in. ‘We tried everything’, he ruffles his wide hand over the black mane. Asks his...

Queen of Coco-Pops

Soon she’ll be released from here, her faded, smutty chair. Blowflies halo stained-glass wings in dusk’s green gloom; smoke banks, clings. Lank...