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I have 34 stories published in 4 collections on the site.
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Old Brown Shoe

Old Brown Shoe Who did you belong to Someone called Derek, Brian or John Whoever it was is now long gone and left you on the side of the road without a leg to stand on.
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If I had a hook where my arm should be would you hold it against me If I had a false leg would you run away with me If my lips were glued shut would you know what i was thinking

Old Skool with a K

I'm Old Skool with a K i'm Beastie Boys Public Enemy singing Bring the Noise Booyyzz I'm old skool with no h or c i'm Tiswaz not CBeebies i aint Silicone and Brazilians

Biological Love

The first time i ever saw your face I felt my myogenic muscular organ, begin to race caused by the Norepinephrine and the opiates within the limbic system of my brain.