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Lena, you loved to draw Horses

Lena, you loved to draw horses in charcoal and lead at college Id watch from the seat behind as you sketched windblown withers on pointed fetlock cross shaded rump

Debbie, you ruined Joy Division for me

Debbie Taylor, I remember you and it made me think of Christmas 88 you wore neon pink and florescent green lace gloves with no fingers leather jacket and purple hair dancing to Borderline

When the Swifts Return

Under the belly of a dragon the swifts would return "Good times ahead", you’d say Next morning, we’d head for the woods walking on rainbows of bluebell and foxglove forging ahead

What Women Want

Anyone taking the time to read this needs to know a few things about me. A. I don't like cats. B. I had a recent infestation of rats in my attic.
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Having Sex for Fun

Amongst the golden hued memories of my childhood, I recall the summer of my ninth year.