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StoryEaster Witness drew4payne45 months 1 week ago
StoryThings that keep me awake at night Insertponceyfre...376 months 2 weeks ago
StoryMemories of Maroc Highhat441 year 7 months ago
StoryLorry Man Jane Hyphen91 year 8 months ago
StoryHow To Kill A Child Kilb5081 year 8 months ago
StoryFlat Badger fatboy74161 year 12 months ago
StoryTurqouise Towels And Riding Crops Ajhoward52 years 7 months ago
StoryThings you’d only tell your mother in a foreign language maggyvaneijk174 years 7 months ago
Story"Hi" maggyvaneijk134 years 7 months ago
StorySmokin' at The End of The World Bee244 years 10 months ago
StoryThe last sunrise. MS104 years 10 months ago
StoryUnderground adld24 years 10 months ago
StoryMalingee the Bush Ghost (I.P.) White Dwarf74 years 10 months ago
StoryDebbie Harry -shut your mouth. celticman44 years 10 months ago
StoryThe Crab agent47155 years 6 months ago
StoryHoneytrap (Part Two) Canonette85 years 8 months ago
StoryHoneytrap (Part One) Canonette135 years 8 months ago
StoryiSpy Big Thighs Canonette155 years 8 months ago
StoryBreathless for Winter to be gone Yvonne Anderson105 years 8 months ago
Storybruised by kisses katiedavison15 years 8 months ago
StoryStent Kilb50175 years 8 months ago
StoryBilly Ulysses in Crab County Kilb50165 years 8 months ago
StoryIt's a wonderful life...once a year. MS25 years 8 months ago
StoryThe Final Journals of Dr. Peter Lurneman (Journal II) Luke Neima55 years 9 months ago
StoryThe Final Journals of Dr. Peter Lurneman (Journal I) Luke Neima105 years 9 months ago

My stories


The last sunrise.

Next to the girl lay an unopened packet of Marlboro lights.She hadn’t been dead long. There was still colour in her cheeks giving a painted illusion...

It's a wonderful life...once a year.

So the festive season is nearly over and limping damply away into the gray drizzle that is January. Party poppers lie sodden on the pavements along...

Sympathy for the Devil

Please allow me to introduce myself.

Momento Mori

Jon has cut off his eyelids with a pair of scissors. They all do something like that in the end. Some hack away with anything sharp they can find, like an old tin can or nail clippers.

Odette, c’est ma billet doux...

Odette, c’est ma billet doux, to a girl I once knew when my world was as far as I could see, and love wasn’t clutched between the claws of a Dove its wings clipped


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Great poem, love the sing

Posted on Tue, 28 Oct 2014

Great poem, love the sing song feel to it, like a dark nursery rhyme.


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