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Just love stories. Good ones.

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I dreamt of you last night

Your eyes had not the flinty hue they wore by day but were the gleaming blue of bed instead. I saw but the top of your head, as always your mouth...

Banana custard and scrumped plums

Fruit would appear in the house at different times and for various purposes. We had no fruit bowl. There would never be, say, a bunch of bananas, but...
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It was our home

After you were born I took to walking around the neighbourhood a lot more and I came to love the charming Edwardian villa with the rambling garden...


I felt very lucky as a child to have three holidays a year. We always went to the south coast -Bournemouth, Poole, Swanage, Sandbanks, Highcliff. Two...


A young married couple struggle to get by on one wage. They are renting a one roomed wooden dwelling called The Retreat. A baby lies in the corner,...


6 of my comments have received 6 Great Feedback votes

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Brave, honest and fearless

Posted on Mon, 03 Nov 2014

Brave, honest and fearless writing that explodes with the intensity of desire. Erotica is so hard to get right but I think you achieved it with unflinching truthfulness, which resonates with me.

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Posted in In Search of the Cooler Side

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Thwarted dreams. Maybe we all

Posted on Sat, 19 Jul 2014

Thwarted dreams. Maybe we all have to have them. Very clever how you take us from childhood ambition to adult longing. 

Seeing a bit of a theme emerging - my parents made me have a perm when I was about 10. (Why?) To this day I cringe at...

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Posted in A Star is Born

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Hi celtic man. You capture so

Posted on Sat, 10 May 2014

Hi celtic man. You capture so well the shards of clear light that pierce the murky world of the addict. It's bleak but full of humanity nonetheless. Great story telling.


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Posted in uncovering oneself (1)

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Oh thank you Lindy. I think

Posted on Sun, 23 Mar 2014

Oh thank you Lindy. I think you have to have hope don't you? The thing was, when I met up with the son, although he told me the tale of woe, he could still see the comedy and warmth in it all, so he set the example really.

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Posted in Daft as a brush

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Startlingly accurate in the

Posted on Tue, 11 Mar 2014

Startlingly accurate in the dissection of sexual politics in the playground. I found it really convincing and uncontrived. Well deserved pick and good luck with your MA! 

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Posted in Chestnut Mare

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Brave of you to write this. I

Posted on Sun, 15 Dec 2013

Brave of you to write this. I appreciated your candour and calmness and enjoyed the direct style.

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Posted in The Final Blow