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I am a young author who has a love for writing. I love to explore where my imagination can take me. Please read my stories and have a good rest of your day!

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I am a train

The train track ticked underneath my long, heavy, metallic frame. I could feel the hot, steamy air coming out of the top of my head as I pushed with...

The Ocean Calls

I felt a slow calming feeling travel down my back as a warm breeze breached the whole back half of my body. As my body slowly relaxed, I closed my...


In the beginning, two friends are just playing around. By the ending, something big is revealed. With no clear ending, your imagination can find out the next possibilities.

Home, beauty, and cows

The sensation of calm hit me as I entered the new home my parents just bought. The house is ours, finally! It is so weird to call such a serenity as...

I am

I am bold. ​I am weak. ​But, I am. I am like a tiger, roaring out my song for the whole world to hear. I am like the wind, quiet but have a great...