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Why you feel you can't sit still

I've written a children's book for children with a diagnosis of ADHD. I want it to help parents help there child understand themselves better. I am currently drawing illustrations to go with the text. The gaps are to space it out onto different pages.

To the nurse who didn't say goodbye

You left and didn't even tell me. I don't know why you left. I know it was probably my fault but I'm really...I don't know...sad, disappointed, angry...

Everyone leaves.

I want to run away from myself. For thats all I've ever done. I feel an awful person for thats all I've ever been told from the voices inside. I...

I can't escape the loudness.

My ears crackle to the sound of screams and shouting. It cuts through me like a knife. I hate loud noises. But I cant escape them. My ears ache after...

The detective - part 1

A detective sits down in his cigarette scented leather chair, letting out a heavy sigh. The rain hammers on the window. The shop windows outside in...