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I have 1173 stories published in 11 collections on the site.
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My stories

A Banker's Lament

Oh Lord, why us? We did all the right things. We cared, we planned, we furnished a comfortable home; provided an education second to none for the area, commensurate with income.

A sleepless Christmas night

Seems a long way off in either direction. A message from one solstice to another.

Spare me

To what end hedonism? A sticky one, I'm sure. But it's fun getting there. Old age is a pretty nasty thing to die of.

The Light

Somewhere, something holds my gaze. It draws me. Shining, like a beacon through time, through swirling dust. It guides me. Through banality, vulgarity,

Scared to death

The painful awkwardness of those who care.