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I have 1206 stories published in 11 collections on the site.
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Oh, Apple Tree

Is that really Him? But he looks like a... Shhhhh! Please!

Mme. Maserati and the Blazing Bin

I saw Madame Maserati again today (not unusually) and a burning litter bin by the Quay spoke to me through the stench of roasting dog shit and take-away Chinese.

Dangerous encounter

Find myself sitting opposite a dangerous-looking man, all big bones and wiry sinew.

The end of everything

The game is up The music stopped Surprised and stunned I’m sure There’s no last chance No more romance Your plaything is no more I’d love to say It’s not this way


I look into the vortex and it's you. Surrounded by the madness of shattered homes and lives. Drawing me deep and down into the night. The end of everything but you.