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I have 1814 stories published in 16 collections on the site.
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Judas Iscariot, thief

Judas Iscariot pretended to care a lot for the poor, but he kept the stash of donated cash: when he wanted some money he took it, it went into his pocket. Disparaged, criticized

He died while young …

He died while young, his death achieved rich purpose: not the end; and through his cross I have received new Life as grace had planned. Our Saviour bound – he let them bind

Springing Back to Life — nature (IP)

a patchwork collage through spring, from verse already posted

Springing Back To Life, so (IP)

for what? (not about the countryside)

Lesser Celandine

Shining yellow celandines (sun reflected as it shines): mass of stars on hearts deep-green (lovely background of the scene – leaves with softly wavy edges,