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Car journey, Sat 2/2/12

The air is sharp and bitter, and icy branches glitter. The dome above pale blue and clear and cold, well-sugared views around the car unfold, gaunt trees reach up like scratchy brooms to sweep,

What if love was banned … ? (IP)

What if love was banned? … and hatred had the upper hand (and selfishness – the love of self allowed! with greed, each one self-focussed, proud): no neutral ground between the two,

Pussy Willows

Slim and silky, silvery slippers, furry-ears peep, pushing open brown bud scales on Sallow branches, satin catkin flowers ripen. Those on male shrubs soon show yellow –

If you had all power …

What would you do, if you had all power? Heal all the sickness? calm all the war? But these will return if you don’t stop the source: quarrelling, death will still follow their course.