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Power can corrupt (IP?)

and so many see, and are tempted to feel sure that they would do better …

The Great Delusion

“Everyone believes it! – it must be true!” “Scientists have proven it!” – No!, that they cannot do! some may feel that it fits quite well,

A sunlit autumn walk

Kington*, nestled among the hills, where footpaths meet at the edge of Wales. We take one leading to Castle Twt, a neat ‘look-out’ mound, – but keep to the foot-


The extraordinary little ant with tunnels underground, or linking up the many rooms within a leafy mound. Their heads are big with strong sharp jaws, their waists are very tight;

Communication – thoughtful language, not just words (IP)

A pattern of sounds, a chosen word, by which a thought can be transferred from my head to yours, or yours to mine; but when it’s a complex, but useful idea,