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Soggy November Day

Saturated hedges drip, visibility murky, thick, misty haze obscures the views, greying out familiar hues; hands in pockets, slither, slip, oozy puddles, wellies stick,

Fireworks (IP)

Bonfire hot, guy alight, brightening up the pitch-dark night, candles fizzing, rockets whizzing, speedy soaring, star-bursts pouring, bangs and crackles, children’s chuckles,

Nearly three – “You can’t see me!”

Nearly 3, hide behind a tree – “You can’t see me!” though a spotty anorak is sticking out from round the back! “You can’t see me!” Yes, I know I forgot to go

At motorway services (IP)

Passing through from far and wide, parking neatly side by side, no-one knows from where you’ve come, no-one caring where you’ve gone. Glossy shop, expensive ‘tack’,

Wigmore Castle

Herefordshire The grandchildren like walking up Wigmore castle hill: up and up, past ruined bits of tower, – steps, then level, higher, higher;