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We too will be old one day

Stories pouring, boring, recycled once more, repeatedly pour: heavy chore – listen, smile, in a while try to find a way that’s kind, to stop the flow interject with tact

Remembrance Sunday, and remembrance Sundays

We remember loss in war, suffering of those who bore much, in order to restore freedom for the many more. Every Sunday we remember him whose love fills us with wonder,

November Severn, and its Queen Swan

5/11/11 a bit above Bewdley Heavy, steady, Severn flow, reflecting banks of autumn trees, steam train chuffs and chugs, and whistles by, not disturbing ducks, and geese, and swans;

Soggy November Day

Saturated hedges drip, visibility murky, thick, misty haze obscures the views, greying out familiar hues; hands in pockets, slither, slip, oozy puddles, wellies stick,