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Susan Smith

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This is my Life if anyone wants it

I have been a member of this site for a long while but am really a reader rather than a writer. This is a follow up to ‘Just the one I came for’ This is a day in my life as my partner seems to have no understanding what, who or why I am the way I am sometimes

A story for the Love of my Life

At last she found 'the one'

Just the one I came for - an open letter to my husband

Everything starts with just that first glass of wine. Oh I know that you start with the best of intentions. 'Just the one I came for Pat, I've got the car with me today'

Tick Tock

Life slips past Like the gentle ticking of a clock Tick tock tick tock Gathering pace and speed as the years go by Tick tock tick tock One moment you are young