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I have 16 stories published in 3 collections on the site.
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Mili Rana


My stories

The Hungry Porter

With the sizzling onions, crackling of mustard seeds, and Zakir Hussein’s tabla on the radio, tempering rain drops on the marble window sill would...

Deluxe Room Boy

Rudra extracted a leaf from his pocket, rolled it and lighted it with a matchstick. He took a drag, covered my mouth with his, and released the smoke. That was my first kiss in the orphanage.


“Why stew?” I protested. “There are Mushrooms in the fridge!” “Mushrooms won’t do…with all the cough and cold going on, stew is what we need.” My mother-in-law said.

Living Alone II

I could not possibly tell her, what happened after a girl met the boy...

Living Alone I

I think this is a girl's read.